Through the support of Michael Matthews Foundation (MMF), CASEE by then CASEC in collaboration with communities of Laja Primary School and Karatu District Council implemented the rehabilitation project of Laja Primary School. The three months’ project (September 2016 to November 2016) aimed at improving school’s infrastructures which included five classrooms, two staff rooms, two teachers’ houses and pupils’ toilets. The project also involved construction of new teachers’ bathroom and toilet, repair of boy pupils’ pit latrine, and repair of two teachers’ houses.

On the other hand, the rehabilitation work for Qaloda primary school was done from February to May 2017. This was also funded by Michael Mathew Foundation (MMF). While MMF provided funds for the project, the local community provided non-industrial materials like water, sand and stones as well as labourers. The main purpose of the project was to improve school’s infrastructures, thus a total of 8 classrooms, 2 staff rooms, 7 staff houses, library were rehabilitated, the project also in collaboration with community members and the district council managed to construct pupils’ toilets with 10 holes (five holes for girls and five for boys) as well as two teachers’ houses. Before rehabilitation, the condition of the school buildings was in pitiable state due to the fact that most of the school buildings were built by Missionaries in 1955, six years before the Independence of Tanzania, then Tanganyika in 1961.



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