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Youth Empowerment Program


CASEE implemented HIV and AIDS project in schools since 2004. The first phase of the project included 20 secondary schools which were at the center of Arusha City and some secondary schools from Arumeru District Council. The second phase started in 2010 to 2014, this focused to 14 secondary schools located at the peripheral Areas of the Arusha City famously known as Community Government Aided Secondary Schools.

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The main objective of this project was to train youths in schools on HIV and AIDS awareness, sexual and reproductive health, gender based violence, the impact of drug abuse, right and ethical relationship. Life skill education is another area covered in clubs. The project established health clubs. The clubs were used as social learning platforms for students. Sports activities were used as a technique which inspired students to participate in health clubs



The project trained youths on different ways of starting and running small scale businesses. As a result of this project trainings, many youths managed to start their own small businesses such as making of bites which they sold in different offices, some started their own catering services for weddings and ceremonies, others engaged in making detergent soaps etc. On the other hand, the project trained youths on soft life skills such as self-awareness, self-confidence. This enabled many youths to manage in addressing different challenges affecting their lives.


The project facilitated youths to identify and develop their talents such as sports, music, comedians etc. Through this intervention the organization managed to forms football, netball and athletics teams which enabled some of the youths to excel and join different national teams. The same applies to musicians where the organization managed to establish a music studio which enabled youths to record their own songs.


Graduate volunteers program is designed to provide opportunities for graduates to learn practically different skills. Thus the organization offered opportunities for graduates who worked as volunteers to gain on job training, the skills learned enabled them to compete effectively in the labor market. As a result of this program more than 200 graduates from university and different colleges have been beneficiaries for the past 20 years. 

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